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Make a wish: think of the original piece of furniture you have always wanted or an entire space. The Atelier will design your concept space and develop it in inimitable fashion, giving your rooms an unmistakeable touch of typically Italian elegance.
Assorted styles combined to suit your taste. This is the most exciting phase of the project, when your dreams start to take shape and the kaleidoscope of different styles is brought together in just the way you imagined. Our architects and designers design the project, recreating the spaces in the most realistic and detailed way possible so you can get a taste of what is to come.

Many styles brought together to match your own. For every single project, our stylists study the most appropriate combinations with an haute couture spirit and an approach similar to that taken by fashion houses, selecting the finest materials and finishes, from wallpaper and fabrics through to the finest of details.

All of our projects require a wide range of expertise and different professional skills. As such, there may be many items on the bill for an Atelier MoBa job. Each of these items is illustrated in detail in the quote, which has a list of all design and work costs. Total transparency is the criterion that guides us.
Unique coordination for a unique project. All of the development and production phases of our products and solutions, right through to delivery, are overseen by our technical staff.
Quality decor is not an optional in luxury residences and spaces. Atelier Mo.Ba monitors quality with great care. To prevent any anomalies, our qualified experts carry out tests and controls before delivery to check that the supplied product complies with the most stringent quality, resistance and durability requisites.
An original creation must be installed in textbook fashion. Atelier Mo.Ba projects are painstakingly monitored and carried out because every finish, even those that are seemingly insignificant, transmits the beauty and originality with which it is associated.
The Brand VERO LEGNO has the function of indicating the authenticity of the wood product (real wood) to the consumer, and to distinguish it from that to imitation; VERO LEGNO is the only hallmark of authenticity of wood and wood products. Only properly informing the consumer of the specific characteristics of the product which is going to buy, you can guarantee the quality to him and companies protection from unfair competition. The brand VERO LEGNO is managed according to its own "Rules of Brand" trademark and recognized in all EU countries.
Before being issued with the "100% Made in Italy certification", manufacturers undergo a series of strict checks in order to make sure that long-lasting product quality is certified and guaranteed.
Checks are directed at certifying that the entire production cycle takes place in Italy. 
The Made in Italy Certification is the only one to guarantee product authenticity